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Message from EAS: benefits EAS-National Society membership

Dear Professor Belma Pojskic

With this message, I would like to invite you to consider membership of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) for Working Group for Atherosclerosis of Association of cardiologists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The EAS’ goal is to provide a framework for concerted scientific and clinical discussion of new developments in basic research, diagnosis and therapy of atherosclerosis. We see interaction with National Atherosclerosis and related Societies as an important part of this discussion, as we share many mutual interests and common goals. EAS has traditionally been a Society for Individual members – now we offer EAS-National Society Membership, to which your society can subscribe to gain the following benefits:

Benefits to your members

With EAS-National Society Membership, your members each

  • Receive complimentary online access to Atherosclerosis Journal.
  • Can access selected educational content on the EAS Academy, the Society’s e-learning platform, EAS Academy Regular content.
  • Become eligible to apply to attend the EAS educational activities, such as Advanced Courses.
  • Receive EAS newsletters and featured commentaries on topical issues.
  • Reduced membership subscription should they choose to become a Full Individual EAS member.

How does it work?

EAS-National Society Membership annual subscription costs 3 EURO per member. This is paid by the National Society. To get started, please contact the team in the EAS Administrative Office. We are happy to help you set up your EAS-National Society Membership, or answer any questions you might have.

You can reach us by email, office@eas-society.org


Carmel Hayes
Administrative Executive
European Atherosclerosis Society