Bulgarian Bifurcation and Complex Coronary Interventions Course

Dear colleagues,


The Bulgarian Bifurcation and Complex Coronary Interventions Course started ten years ago as an annual event. It gathers most prominent European experts in interventional cardiology as faculty and around 120 participants: young cardiologists and doctors from Bulgaria and neighboring countries. The forum aims to give a profound overview to innovations in the field and focus on the latest research of challenging topics related to bifurcations and complex coronary interventions. We believe to have developed throughout the years a valuable and innovative forum that brings together specialists in the field from all over the world thus giving our community the unique chance to benefit their highest expertise.

The Course will include as usual a state of the art overview of scientific achievements on bifurcation lesions and their treatment during the last year and a presentation on the practical approach in implementation of the latest innovations. The focus of the 2021 edition will be based on profound research on up-to-date role of computed tomography in treatment of coronary artery disease.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic 9 ¾ Bulgarian Bifurcation and Complex Coronary Interventional Course will be held virtually and in-person as a hybrid event. Hopefully this will enable many more new colleagues to join us. No registration fees will be applicable.

We would be grateful if you could share information about the event on your website so that more colleagues have the opportunity to attend. In addition, in case you consider your members might be interested, we would be glad if you invite them to join us.

For more information or registration please visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

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Yves Louvard MD

Honorable Course Director

Robert J. Gil MD, PhD

International Course Director


Dobrin Vassilev MD, PhD

Course Co-Director

Vassil Velchev MD, PhD

Course Co-Director

Valery Gelev MD, PhD

Course Co-Director



Mira Bonova
Event Manager


17 Frederic Joliot-Curie Str., bldg.. 2, fl. 5, office 9

Sofia 1113, Bulgaria