PCS 4th World Congress of Cardiothoracic-Renal Diseases-2017 (WCCRD-2017)

Dear Dr. Zumreta Kusljugic,

This is a follow-up invitation of PCS 4th World Congress of Cardiothoracic-Renal Diseases-2017 (WCCRD-2017)
which is taking place in Lisbon, Portugal from 4 November to 5 November, 2017.
You are welcomed to join us as one of the speakers and your preliminary speech title along with a short CV as well as the session selection is expected for the next procedure.
We enclosed the sessions with topics below for your reference. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
For more information, please see the conference website at http://www.pcscongress.com/wccrd2017/
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards,
Ms. Linda Wang
Coordinator of WCCRD-2017
E-mail: linda@pcsconference.com
Pioneer Century Science
No. 134, Changjiang Road, Huanggu District,
Shenyang, China
Tel/Fax: +86-24-31930319

On behalf of

Prof. Chiming Wei,
Chairman of WCCRD
Professor and Chief Scientist,
Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology,

Programme of WCCRD-2017

Keynote and Plenary Forum

Section 1: PCS 3rd World Congress of Cardiothoracic-Renal Diseases
Session 1-1: Epidemiology and Risk Prevention
Session 1-2: Biomarker Detection and Pathology
Session 1-3: Immaging
Session 1-4: Biological Therapies and Research Approach
Session 1-5: Stem Cells and Tissue Repair
Session 1-6: Surgery and Clinical Management
Session 1-7: Diabetes and Cardiothoracic-Renal Diseases
Session 1-8: Research Breakthrough and Innovation in Other
Cardiothoracic-Renal Diseases

Section 2: PCS 3rd World Cardiology Summit (WCS-2017)
Session 2-1: Coronary Heart Diseases
Session 2-2: Vascular Diseases
Session 2-3: Heart Infections and Inflammation
Session 2-4: Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke
Session 2-5: Heart Rhythm Disorders
Session 2-6: Heart Muscle Disorders (Cardiomyopathies)
Session 2-7: Heart Malformations
Session 2-8: Pediatric Cardiology
Session 2-9: Interventional Cardiology
Session 2-10: High Risk Population Management
Session 2-11: Other Challenges in Cardiology

Section 3: PCS 2nd World Thoracic Summit (WTS-2017)
Session 3-1: Thoracic Oncology
Session 3-2: Public Health in Pulmonary Diseases
Session 3-3: Respiratory Diseases
Session 3-4: Thoracic Surgeons
Session 3-5: Chest Pain and Management
Session 3-6: Infections and Clinical Strategies
Session 3-7: Other Emerging Technologies
Session 3-8: Long-term Care for Chronic Diseases
Session 3-9: Thoracic Diseases Associated with Other Syndromes