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MLSF 2019: Collaboration with the Association of Cardiologists of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dear Dr Zumreta Kusljugic, Dr Ibrahim Terzic,

On behalf of the MLSF Board (Dr Laurent Drogoul, Dr Philippe Généreux ,Dr Stephane Lopez & Dr Tiago Nolasco), it is a great pleasure to inform you that the registrations are opened for the 2nd Edition of Multi-Level Structural Factory Conference. This year, MLSF congress will be held in Nice (France) from April 4h to 5th, 2019 

Today the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) is the most practiced intervention, but the endovascular mitral valve repair and percutaneous treatment of thoracic aorta diseases are also starting to become regular procedures in our cathlabs. Our main objective in creating this Course, is to provide a tailor-made support from procedure’s first steps to daily practice and management of complications, and allow our audience to strengthen their skills and continue their progress, to improve our patients’ outcome.

It is in this respect that we would like to extend our interest in forming a partnership with the Association of Cardiologists of Bosnia & Herzegovina. If you could kindly send an invitation to your members with ournewsletter or Preliminary program (PDF enclosed) or displaying the information on your website, we do believe that MLSF can well compliment your affiliated members willing to learn or improve their knowledge and daily practice in structural heart disease. Reciprocally, we propose you to be part of our affiliated Scientific Societies for this conference and your logo will be featured in all communications materials (print/web).You can get more information about the MLSF by clicking on the following link: www.mlsf-congress.comWe truly hope to receive your favourable response soon.Sincerely,