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Letter from prof Panos Vardas – SACVS 2018-19

Dear Mr / Mrs President,

During the last two years, I have had the opportunity to lead what I though was a quite innovative project that mainly involved the following:

1. Α mentoring programme for 12 rather young cardiologists, aged between 30 and 38 years, selected from candidates with a special interest in either interventional cardiology (six students) or heart failure (six students). This programme lasted two years, during which time the students were able to take part in several events, such as the ΕURO PCR congress in Paris, or the annual ESC Heart Failure association congress, as well as publishing a number of scientific articles.
2. Once a year, all the students took part in two- or three-day courses focusing on continuing professional development. More specifically, they participated in the “Leadership and Management Forum in Cardiovascular Medicine” (Vienna 2016), and in a course titled “How to build your academic career” (Ljubljana Medical School, 2017).

The whole programme was supported by generous sponsorship from Servier and the same company was responsible for the logistics. The name of the programme was the “Servier Advanced Cardiovascular School (SACVS)”.

This year, between January 15 and February 28, we will be accepting applications from which we will choose 12 young students for this programme. The purpose of this letter is to seek your kind support, so that we may inform our members about the existence of this innovative project and to encourage those who have suitable qualifications, based on previous criteria, to submit a declaration of interest.

Very best regards
Professor P E Vardas
ESC Past President.

Attached :
Presentation first SACVS 2016-17
Recommendations for application